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BONE Summer School 2010 and BONE Master School 2010 will be hosted by BME in Budapest, Hungary. The Summer School will take place 6th - 7th September and the Master School 8th - 10th September 2010. The topics are:

* Design of a National Backbone Network for the Summer School
* Photonics in Switching for the Master School

Full details are available on the Summer/Master Schools website:

General information about BONE teaching activities

Teaching and dissemination of the BONE activities is considered as being a crucial objective of the BONE project. A specific WP is dedicated to dissemination and WP02 is dedicated to all teaching activities.


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The main objective of this WP02 is therefore spreading excellence within and outside the project through the organization and execution of teaching activities based upon a common Master program in Optical Communications and Networks, combining benefits of teaching in situ, teleteaching, and application of learning tools.

These activities will be mainly based upon the Master Curriculum and supporting teaching materials created within the previous e-Photon/ONe project.

The objectives are:

  • to offer courses of the Master to students within BONE summer/winter schools;
  • to create teaching materials for Master studies with license for open access. The materials will consist of presentation slides, support materials and video lessons. All materials will be stored on the project web site;
  • to prepare a report on the opportunities and obstacles of offering permanent Master teaching across a number of partner institutions;
  • to encourage other types of knowledge dissemination, stimulating exchange of teaching materials, video lessons, lecturers and students;
  • application of advanced techniques for spreading knowledge: distribution of video lessons and learning tools, as well as teleteaching;
  • to improve curriculum and teaching materials according to the feedback from course execution For all the objectives listed, special attention will be paid to include dissemination towards the New Member States.


More in detail:

This work will consist of individual and group preparatory work, and of training/teaching activities within a common Master program on Optical Communications and Networks.

Organization of the work and structure of WP are based on the positive experience achieved in organization of summer/winter schools and in the preparation of a common Master study within the previous project e-Photon/ONe. The Task Force of the WP will consist of partners willing to participate actively in achievement of WP objectives. Contributions on specific topics may be co-ordinated with the relevant VCEs.

The Master program in Optical Communications and Networks is organized in a number of courses. Each course will benefit from contributions by several BONE partners under the active supervision of a course coordinator. The coordinators of course groups will be elected on the basis of the experience in e-Photon/ONe. The Master curriculum will start with eight courses identified in e-Photon/ONe, with open possibility for the creation of new one(s). The already collected teaching materials for the common Master will be reconsidered in order to take into proper account recent advances in photonic technology and new network architectures and transmission requirements. The materials will be improved according to the experiences coming from summer/winter schools and other types of common Master education. The long-term goal is to prepare existing and new teaching materials for open access on the public part of the project web site.

The WP Task Force has to analyse the ways of transition possibilities of the existing “virtual” Master study to one or more permanent institutional Master studies involving at least two BONE partners. A report on the opportunities and obstacles of potential solutions for offering the complete Master study across a number of partner institutions will be delivered.

Within the duration of the project, this WP will organize 3 BONE schools based upon 3 selected courses from the common Master. from that will cover fully or partially curricula of existing courses of. Organization and execution of a course within a BONE school will be led by the school host representative and by course coordinators and teachers. ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits that can be recognized for a single school will depend on the number of lesson hours at school, lab hours (if any) at the school location, and individual work. Those students who can and want to gain credits at school will undergoe an evaluation process after finishing the school, partly at the school location, and partly by distance evaluation with the support of teachers in the student home location. To complete a Master course up to the full number of ECTS credits per course, distance teaching, students visits to other labs, and education in students’ home location can be carried out. Participation to schools will be funded by the BONE project as well as by other funds specialized for education purposes. Each partner has to analyse possibilities for local recognition of ECTS credits obtained in summer/winter schools or in other type of Master education.

At least two distance teaching experiments, as teleconferences, of selected modules will be performed in the period of the project.

Summer and winter BONE schools are not a replacement of other Master study initiatives based on the common Master curriculum and collected teaching materials. This WP will encourage, support and initiate proposals for knowledge dissemination in form of Master study within project partners and outside.

The WP will offer cooperation in education to other bodies from academia, industry and industrial associations.

The WP Task Force will have meetings, both telemeetings, and in-person meetings collocated with plenary meetings or BONE schools. WP meetings will consider proposals regarding the schedule of school courses and organization of schools. Location of the school and topic, as well as the plan for distance teaching is recommended to be known at least 10 months before the school.



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BONE is an active member of the FP7 Cluster "Converged and Optical networks"



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