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All of the following deliverables are public documents. Information canb be used, however correct citation of the source is required.


BONE General Activities

WP 00 Project management

  • D00.1 Project presentation (0.6 Mb)
  • D00.2 Annual Report No. 1 (not public)
  • D00.3 Annual Report No. 2 (not public)
  • D00.4 Final Report & Annual Report No. 3 (not public)
  • D00.5 Final Plan for the use and dissemination of foreground
  • D00.6 Final Report on awareness and wider societal implications

WP 01 Dissemination & Outreach (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 02 Teaching (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 03 Electronic Communication Aid (WP Summary & Highlights)


BONE Virtual Centres of Excellence

WP 11 VCE Network Technologies and Engineering (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 12 VCE Services and Applications (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 13 VCE Access networks (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 14 VCE Optical switching systems (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 15 VCE Transmission techniques (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 16 VCE In-building Networks (WP Summary & Highlights)


BONE Topical Projects

WP 21 TP Service aware optical network architectures (ended 31/12/08)

WP 21 TP Green Optical Networks (start 01/01/09) (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 22 TP MPLS, GMPLS and routing (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 23 TP Optical communication networks in support of user mobility and networks in motion (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 24 TP edge-to-core adaptation for hybrid networks (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 25 TP: Optical Interconnects (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 26 TP Alternatives for multi-layer networking with cross-layer optimization (WP Summary & Highlights)

WP 27 TP Physical Impairments constrain based routing in packet switching networks (WP Summary & Highlights)




BONE Calendar
BONE Calendar



BONE is an active member of the FP7 Cluster "Converged and Optical networks"



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