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The core activity of the BONE-project is the stimulation of intensified collaboration, exchange of researchers and integration of activities and know-how into and amongst partners. Through the establishment of Virtual Centres of Excellence, the BONE-project looks into the future and builds and supports the final “Network of the Future” through education & training, research tools & testlabs on new technologies & architectures. The leading-edge position of European Research in the field and, consequently, of European industry, could be threatened by returning to an uncoordinated and scattered approach to optical networking research. BONE consolidates the process, supported during FP6, of integration and reorganization of research efforts across European academic and industrial groups in FP7 through:

  • Building Virtual Centres of Excellence that cover specific issues in the field of Optical Networking that can serve to European industry with education & training, research tools & testlabs and pave the way to development of new technologies & architectures.
  • Reaching out, including and linking to research activities in national programmes, or programmes outside Europe.
  • Stimulating an intensified collaboration, exchange of researchers between the research groups involved and active in the field.
  • Disseminating the expertise and know-how of these European Research groups to a broader audience, both R&D oriented as well as industry- and decision maker oriented.


Technical Approach

The BONE-project proposes to solidify the e-Photon/ONe network and has the objective to provide a limited number of Virtual Centres of Excellence on specific issues:

  • VCE Network Technologies and Engineering
  • VCE Services and Applications
  • VCE Access networks
  • VCE Optical switching systems
  • VCE Transmission techniques
  • VCE In-building Networks

These Virtual Centres of Excellence group, align and (re-)structure the research activities of the BONE-partners involved in such a way that a coherent solution and service can be offered to BONE internal and external partners and projects.

Hot and multidisciplinary topics and issues are handled and looked at through a limited number of Topical Projects which each have a limited duration. These Topical Projects are either horizontal projects which make use of the expertise available at different Virtual Centres of Excellence or tackle specific issues to fill in specific needs or gaps in the expertise of the Virtual Centres of Excellence.

  • TP Service aware optical network architectures
  • TP MPLS, GMPLS and routing
  • TP Optical communication networks in support of user mobility and networks in motion
  • TP Edge-to-core adaptation for hybrid networks
  • TP Optical Interconnects
  • TP Alternatives for multi-layer networking with cross-layer optimization
  • TP Physical Impairments constrain based routing in packet switching networks

Some of the activities within the BONE project are defined to support the general working of the project or centralise the dissemination & teaching activities:

  • WP01: Dissemination & Outreach
  • WP02: Teaching
  • WP03: Electronic Communication Aid

As training and dissemination of the expertise and know-how of the BONE-Virtual Centres of Excellence and the results of the Topical Projects is essential and set as one of the major goals of the network, these activities will be taken care of in a centralised and coordinated activity.


Key Issues

  • Strengthening of the European Research on Optical Networking through integration and collaboration amongst the different research groups involved in the Virtual Centres of Excellence

  • Definition of specific technical objectives for each of the Virtual Centres of Excellence

  • Establish contacts and links to national programmes and projects outside the FP7-framework to exchange information, expertise and jointly work towards definition of solutions for critical issues in optical networking

  • Organisation of workshops specifically targeting the dissemination of the BONE-know-how to non-R&D participants, i.e. industrial representatives & policy makers. These workshops will explain both the available expertise and support that BONE is offering through its Virtual Centres of Excellence as well as results obtained on hot issues through its Topical Projects.


Expected Impact

The network as a whole will clearly have an impact on the reinforcement of the European leadership in wired and wireless networks, not on an industrial level as defined in the “expected Impact” but on academic level.

However, due to the fact that academic research is mainly running ahead of the industrial needs and the implementations, also an impact on the European industry might be expected. These expectations are strengthened by the fact that the BONE network clearly envisages teaching and education, to under-graduates but also towards master courses that will be of use of key people at industry. Education is the first step in making people, in industry, aware of new trends and evolutions in the field.

The BONE network also comprises several, selected research groups from industry (equipment manufacturers, operators, …) which clearly exhibits the interest from industry in the network and clearly tightens the links between industry and the research activities in Europe.




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BONE is an active member of the FP7 Cluster "Converged and Optical networks"



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